Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hulk Scratch!

A couple of drawings from work the other day, I was going for MASSIVE. I really should pay more attention to thinking through a pose before I start drawing. I tend to just draw without a whole lot of planning. So I end up with a lot of strange accidents like Hulk scratching his balls here.

In the second one, I'd redo the head and neck completely. And look, his feet almost fit on the page! The last one is just a rough sketch, but I wanted to show the progression in MASSIVENESS. He also appears to be playing with himself, or, at the very least, inviting the viewer to do so. Gotta start putting some forthought into this stuff.


vcalanog said...

Looks massive enough! I like the big hands -- Hulk's mass is often accentuated by the big hands/fists as you know. Have you checked out the latest "Ultimate Wolverine versus Hulk" series (2 issues out to date)? Interesting stuff there, Hulk was supposed to have ripped Wolvie in half (so much for the "indestructible skeleton" bit!)...

BradInOttawa said...

Well I finally got around to colouring the Hulk.

I had to ink it first though, because it just didn't look right...even flat colours looked weak.

I experimented with making flames and smoke, and I can't say I'm too impressed with my effort on the lighting, although I do like the flames behind the Hulk.

They're on my blog,

Bats is next...but I might skip him and do Aquadude first...or maybe Ironpants...I can't decide which.

kend said...

love your huls mike there awsome

kend said...