Saturday, October 28, 2006


A little something from work the other day. It's kinda weird, but I like it. There was absolutley no conscious effort to style, it was just straight drawing without considering a "look" or "approach". Often, especially with Batman, I tend to think in terms of "what kind of Batman do I want to draw?" Lean, menacing, big ears, little ears, Bruce Timm? Frank Miller? Neal Adams? Batman is practically a language unto himself. I just chucked all that and drew.


vcalanog said...

I like the defined bicep split, and the slight unshaven look. Speaking of Bats, I recently read and enjoyed the "Gotham Central" series written by Greg Rucka (one of my fave authors, especially after reading his work on Wonder Woman vol 2). Focuses on police work in Gotham (Montoya, Bullock, etc) from their perspective -- what does it mean to be a cop in Gotham City given the long shadow of the bat? Good stuff!

Rob A. said...

Nice pose. Lots of implied action/tension.
I like like what you did with his hands.