Saturday, October 21, 2006

next three pages

May as well post these now. See! I told you there was a robot!


UrbanBarbarian said...

It's weird, my favorite aspect of art these days is the initial first part. The rough or thumbnail. The original sketch. Everything is there. Thanks for sharing!

Troy Little said...

Comics!?! Now you're talkin'! Animation is for the birds.

Unlike my good friend urbanbarbarian, I like finished art. I see tons of blogs full of rough art, thumbnails and one off drawings that go no where. It depressess me to no end.

But that being said, you gotta start with the roughs no matter what! I'm looking forward to seeing what the final pages look like, keep it up!

Anonymous said...


BradInOttawa said...


Is that a quote, or did you stub you ego on the way in?

On another note...I'm colouring these pages Mike.
And killing the lines entirely, to make way for a neat'll like it.

Michael Valiquette said...

Thanks for the comments.
Urban: It's a struggle to finish stuff sometimes, I like the rough work too, but I guess the real skill comes from finding a way to maintain all that original goodness when you put the polish on. I'n going to have to get around to that stage eventually.
Troy: You are such the comics snob, but I promise, at some point, there will be final pages.
Anonymous: Stop by anytime, I'm your biggest fan.
Brad:You're going to colour these? Good luck my friend. I'm definitely curious regarding the outcome.
More posts soon, sorry Troy, just roughs.

Troy Little said...

Snob I am, no contest. ;)

Rob A. said...

I like roughs. Shows the initial thought-intent of the artist. Some of the best ideas come when you just spit them out. Unless your mouth is full of shrimp.

Troy Little said...

Ok, I'm defeated. Roughs are better than finished work.

Michael Valiquette said...

Let's see. Rob and Dan like it rough, but we've also established that Robbie spits. It should also be noted that Troy likes to just get things finished and admire his handiwork.