Saturday, October 21, 2006


OK, finally getting rolling here. Here are some VERY rough layouts for what may someday become a comic. It's got all kinds of great stuff in it. It's got a bear, and a duck, and a robot! YEAH! A robot! You heard right. I've been telling creative types for years, "Put a robot in it! People love robots!" But nobody ever listened. Well, now I've got me my very own robot. It'll be right there on the page, walking all stiff, talking all monotone, and it may very well hide a shocking secret. This comic-to-be will also feature cool teenagers, true love, maybe a rabbit, some generic cartoon types, a faerie or two, day-jobs, bruised optimism and probably, somewhere along the way, a super-hero. I loves me the super-heroes.

I discovered last week that when my brain is up for it, I can rough out three pages of this stuff at work each day. Which, I have to say, feels way more productive than doodling on the message pad. So here's a day's worth. I'm already rethinking some of the panels, the pages don't work if you were to bind them in pamphlet form, but hey, at least I drew something.
I'm going to try to post more pages as they come along, plus I have a whole bunch of half started strips featuring this duck character I plan on digging up for whomever's enjoyment. I will provide one endorsement, Dave from the comic shop (Silver Snail on Bank Street) laughed out loud at those old strips. It's cool when someone laughs with you.

I will also be posting other crap that suits me. Of course, there will be drawings of super-heroes. That kinda goes without saying. And cartoon bears. But I might post any other old thing that I feel like, who knows? Anyhow, there's my first post, outta the way. Please feel free to comment, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for dropping by.


Rob A. said...

Robots rock!
Keep on posting dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey man. Got your email. I'll keep an eye on your blog. Hope you are well. Much love. ..jc

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike...

For what it is worth, I have never thought you an "insane fucking ego maniac"... but hey! what do I know?

Love and kisses,


vcalanog said...

Looking forward to those superhero sketches! - VC

BradInOttawa said...

The world needs egocentric maniacs.

Robot egocentric maniacs...with lasers...and overactive sex drives.