Sunday, December 03, 2006

colour me brad.

Brad coloured up an Iron Man I did a while back, here it is.


Dave Russell said...

Man, oh man, those are some cool beans. The Iron Man was my favourite of the illustrations and seeing it in colour makes it even cooler. What I'd love to see are some action scnes like Mr. Mind blasting the boogers out of Shazam or somesuch. But, on what's here, I love the "Mike" touch on everything. It's...well, I like drawings of things that sort of go to town with the golden age thing. Taking the golden age a little further. Whether or not that is the goal with what you've done here I can't say for *sure* but that's the vibe I'm getting. If I had anything to say in a critical matter it's that there aren't enough pictures of either Mr. Mind, Shazam or Hellboy. Or puppies. Okay, I guess puppies might sort of be a side-track, but the others, I believe, would be cool. :) Seriously, I really like the stuff here. More action, though, please! (and Mr. Mind)(and Shazam).

Michael Valiquette said...

Dave is awesome.
I need to draw more.
Look how hard Dave works at his drawings:
If I worked half that hard at drawing I'd be awesome too.
Thanks for the comments Dave, I think you may have just requested my first commission.