Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blast from the past
An old acquaintance, Zadia Lenders, formerly of the band Clove, posted this to youtube. The sound and picture quality are crap, which is too bad, cuz it's a nice piece of animation. This is early work by Nick Cross, who is an extremely talented animator. Just google him, you won't be sorry. I was peripherally involved in the making of this thing, I think there's even a scene in there drawn by me. I raised some money for it, that's about it. It was a thank you to Zadia for recording some songs for another animation project, Angora Napkin. The songs were great. Troy Little is trying to revive the project, I'm not sure if he'll be using any of Zadia's music though. Last I heard, he had gotten clearance to use music by former Vancouver rockers Cub, the original inspiration for Angora Napkin.
Check out Troy here:
and Nick here: and here:
Two very talented guys.


Eifriger said...

Thanks for posting the link Mike; it was nice seeing the video again. Man, that was awhile ago eh? I think Clayton might've painted some of it, but not sure. Hope you're doing ok buddy,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike it's Lukas From The Chrismas Party! Remmember? Well anyway, I've been readin' your neato* stuff. I'm definatly bookmarking this page! By the way, I have my own domain at "", it might be worth cheching out.Evry once in a while I put up some of my music videos I make with anime clips. So I hope you're doing well, and best of luck whith your "retierment" project.