Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here are some earlier colour attempts on Go-Man. I like the shadows on the blue one. They don't follow the anatomy as well but they look good. Good brown on the pants on that green one though. This is a good learning experience for me. I don't usually think of my designs in terms of colour. I have vague ideas, but it's not part of my process. When I see it coloured up it makes me rethink the design. What I try to do is marry iconic superhero design with modern funtionality, thus the boots, Knee and elbow pads, and chiefly, no underpants on the outside. But that doesn't necessarily mean this dude is wearing street clothes and combat boots.

The more I look at the green one, the more Jack Kirby looking it gets.


BradInOttawa said...

I'll take that Kirby statement as a compliment...I think.

UrbanBarbarian said...

I like the top one best. As for rates, check my blog and I'll list appropriate ones by your question from last post.

Great figure!

michael valiquette said...

Thanks Dan. I appreciate the assist.