Sunday, February 11, 2007

Props out to Brad Cyr

Got some colurs back from Brad on the Green Lantern pic I did. I'm pretty happy here. Good colour choices, a few issues with lighting, but on the whole I'm quite pleased. I've gotta say a big thank you to Brad. He's been working hard to do my dirty work, without a tablet I might add. We're in the market for a used one if anyone has one for sale.
Brad Cyr everybody, my colour workhorse, or is that bitch?
One more note here. Brad's been awesome. He's basically been taking art direction from me for free. I send him tons of reference, stuff I like, give him some notes and he has to figure out what the hell I'm talking about. This is a real thrill for me. Seeing my drawings coloured really makes them come alive. Big thanks.

1 comment:

BradInOttawa said...

Next...something with a background and dynamic posture.

My turn to challenge you, lol.