Thursday, February 08, 2007

slow news day...

No art to post. I've had a bit of a drawing slump. Sorry. But I did want to add a few links if anyone is inclined. I'll pop 'em into the sidebar. First, I have to correct an oversight. Seems that when I switched from my old blog, I failed to add Sue Marsden to my sidebar links. Sue's got two sites I check regularly: for all things Sue-related, and which she recently started specifically for her artwork. Sue is super-talented and an amazing person, please visit.
Next is little old me. I signed up with Deviantart so I could host some of my older stuff. Anyone who visited my old mikeofottawa blog will be familiar with the contents, but I invite you to stop by regardless. Check out my favourites, it's full of cool stuf by other artists who use deviantart.
I should also add Paul Pope to my sidebar. He's blogging now and it's well worth the visit. Paul is one of the great talents of the comix world. I recently picked up the trade for Batman 100. Buy it. I sometimes get nervous about reading his stuff. He is often called the "comics destroyer". It's a very apt title. Reading him makes me want to forget everything I think I know about comix and starting again.
Also finally got my hands on Frank Miller's Elektra Lives. Some of his very best work. I recommend it. Huge european influence in his art, lots of Geoff Darrow. Just gorgeous and quite a departure if you're only familiar with his more recent work.
And finally, Troy Little's Chiaroscuro arrived in the mail last week. I've been looking forward to this for a while. I haven't cracked it yet because I want to read it in one sitting. Now that I've finished the Band of Brothers box set, I can do just that.

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