Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Look to the Rooftop

Remember that Green Lantern redesign I did, well check this out! I submitted it to Project Rooftop and... Ta-daaa!
Dean Trippe coloured it up for me, here it is:

Dean was great to work with on this, at first he went in a different direction with the colours, but he was very gracious when I asked him to stick with the scheme I had chosen. I'll add his first version here for a comparison if he doesn't object.

I'm a big fan of Dean's and it was a real kick to get to do this with him. Go check out Project Rooftop. A big thank you for the comments over there.


Leonardo Finocchi said...

Cool design for GL! Congrats for the Project Rooftop!

kend said...


Rob A. said...

Hey man. Saw the post over there. Great stuff!

Eifriger said...

Beautiful colouring job & great comments over on Project Rooftop. Thanks for the link; it was sweet scrolling thru all the art over there. There was a lil' badass Supergirl to die for (shaved hair and killer look ;-)
Cheers Mike!

BradInOttawa said...

This was the look I was trying to AVOID!!

Ah well...it still looks good. =)

Von Allan said...

Nice, clean and fun! Very nifty stuff!