Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lookee lookee

I've been getting a lot of attention for the redesign of Guy Gardner that's currently up at Project Rooftop. Check this out. Nothing by name, but some kudos nonetheless. Imagine how cool it is for me to have a site I have bookmarked and check daily shoot me that little kindness. My hits here at the blog, shall we say, jumped a little. I normally average about 15 to 20 on a good day. Well, yesterday clocked in at 245 seperate hits and today is breaking the one hundred mark about now. The kind words are appreciated and the constructive criticism is accepted in the spirit it's offered.
Thanks everybody.
And a special thanks, once again to Dean Trippe. You rock!


Dr Sam Chandan said...

Just read the Project Rooftop posting. You're awesome, Mikey. Kudos.

Rob A. said...

Hey man. It's a great design. You deserve it dude!

kend said...

postive reviewa are always nice