Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I can't wait to see this movie. Read the description and tell me you feel differently. Is it possible that Van Dammage will return? How is it that this guy is smart enough to know that this movie would be a good career move? The Van Damme I remember from countless interviews on Arsenio, would have split-kicked this writer to outer-space for ridiculing the Muscles from Brussels. But no. Somehow, a decade of straight-to-dvd releases seems to have taught our boy some humility. Here's the original teaser they made for Cannes:

JCVD teaser

Here's another trailer:


For good measure, here's a massive series of classic Van Damme face-kickery. Which one is your favourite?

Can anyone tell me if M.Bison was Raoul Julia's last movie role? I seem to remember that it was and finding it kinda tragic. It also means that JCVD is beating up a guy who is dying of AIDS, right?

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kend said...

i heard this movie is awsome...but i cant find it..