Thursday, January 14, 2010

Animato Anthropomorphica

I seem to have a proclivity to ridiculously long titles. First "Canadian Animation Resources", now "Animato Anthropomorphica". That's the title of the very short film I started as part of the inaugural class of Bill Plympton's School of Animation. I signed up back in the fall and managed to make the commute to New York City on a semi regular basis. I'm finishing up the film now, following what Bill calls "Plympton's Dogma": short, cheap, funny. I'm doing my best.
I've set the film up on IndieGoGo, and am trying to raise some money for it so that I can focus on just getting it done. Please go check out the page if you can. You can find it here.
Here's the intial sketch that got the idea for the film going, it's a simple cat and dog thing, and the realtionship and personalities started to take form in this doodle.

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Great blog. Let me know if you want any tips on crowdfunding.

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