Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Support independent cartooning!

Round one of the fundraising drive for my first ever short film is almost over. For those of you who don't know, after 16 years in the animation biz, I'm finally hard at work on a short cartoon. It's called Animato Anthropomorphica and it's a dumb cartoon about a cat and a dog who work in an office. Hilarious right? I know. I crack me up too.
I've put the project up on IndieGogo, a fundraising site for creative projects, with a goal of raising 2000 dollars. So far I've managed to score 350 bucks, a nice chunk of change for which I will be forever grateful. But here's the tricky part. IndieGogo doesn't release any funds until you hit 500 bucks. So the money is just sitting there, building interest for the IndieGogo honchos.
Now, I know you guys like cartoons. And I'm assuming you like me. And everyone loves hilarious dogs and cats in business attire, that ones a no-brainer. So here's the plan:
1) Click on the link below.
2) Fall in love with my little film.
3) Pull out your credit card.
4) Send me the cost of a sandwich.
5) Skip lunch.
6) Let the hilarity ensue!
See how easy it is to support the arts? And if you make it the cost of a REALLY good sandwich, you'll get your name in the credits.
Well, everyone who supports gets a thank you in the credits, but some of you will get a cool title, like "Associate Producer".
Ok, stop pissing about. Step one is waiting.

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