Thursday, July 08, 2010


This drawing is from 1997! That's, like, olden-tymes now. Remember how contemporary we all felt in 1997? With our goatees and discmans? That's caveman stuff!
I remember drawing this fugger, it was just a doodle that I decided to keep going with. I still like aspects of it, it has a certain charm, despite it's obvious flaws. Invisible Girl's left shoulder/hairline is the most glaring, it bugged me then, and it bugs me now. But I guess I liked that the relationships are present. Mr Fantastic's face lacks any kind of character, so he ends up feeling a bit tacked on, but the other three I really like. There's familial tenderness between the Thing and Invisible Girl, and the Human Torch is in character too.
Just felt like sharing.

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John Keane said... I remember those days of pencil on paper...sigh.

I've never drawn the F4 ever. Benjamin Grimm was always a fav character of mine.

It's freaky digging up old sketches. This is a nice one.