Sunday, April 01, 2012

comic teaser

For the past few months, I've been getting settled into a new job, and a new city.  Toronto is home now, and I'm working with a great bunch of people at Smiley Guy Studios as their Director of Development.  We've got some really cool projects coming together, and they've made me feel very welcome.  Now that I'm settling into some new normal, I'm starting to find some time for my own work again.  Among other things, I've been writing a short story, using a world and characters that I've had rattling in my head for almost two decades.  I've found a collaborator in Peter Habjan, a really talented artist and coworker.  Peter and I put together a great pitch for a series at the studio, and it inspired us to find another project to work on together.  I won't say much about it yet, but I just had to post this.  It's Peter's first sketch of our main character for the story, my Superman analog, the Utopian(older versions here, here, and here)  .  This isn't the final look for the book, but I woke up this morning to find it in my inbox, and I just got excited.  I handed Peter a rough sketch a few days ago, and told him to go ahead and play with it.  I gave him some background on the character, and an overall view of the story I want to tell, and here I am, a few days later, and this is what I find at 6:30 am on a Sunday.
I couldn't be more excited to work on something.  Peter's exactly the kind of artist that I've been looking for.  He brings a lot to the table, and at the same time, is soaking up everything I give him.  The pitch we worked on was such an amazing balance of both our work, I can't wait to see that come together again.
For now though, here you go, the first pass on what will become our main character.

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Suzanne Marsden said...

Super excited that you are settling into TO and your work. Very happy to hear about all the creative stuff you have brewing--great art! Sending lots of 'good luck vibes' your way Mike! Hope to see you sometime at a Jam or if I hit the big city sometime. Take care dude!
Cheers, Suzanne.